2019/06/21 admin 0 Comments

Amazingly and amusingly, our newsletter PARAFERAL Dispatch just reached 666 subscribers! A little bargain code (33% off everything here and all our Bandcamp hubs) was sent to all subscribers, valid for a limited time. Missing out? It’ll be re-posted in the next Dispatch for all new subscribers, those willing to join in can do it here.

2019/04/29 admin 0 Comments

Welcome to the renewed PARAFERAL website! Due to demand we decided to launch the new site in “public beta” status. We hope you enjoy being part of the experiment – if you encounter any glitches or unexpected weirdness (on the site, or in the world at large…), please let us know.The shop will be expanded with a large selection of goods as soon as we get them sorted out. For the moment, just a few items are available with which to ensure everything here works as expected. Nevertheless the items are real, here & now, and all orders are shipped on short notice.