PARAFERAL ARCHIVE was founded to restore, maintain and preserve Niko Skorpio’s and related artists’ output spanning 30 years. The Archive contains original artworks, analog recording media, photographic negatives, as well as high quality digital transfers thereof. All archival material is stored in a fireproof vault.

Complete list of items, materials and projects to be completed in the future, meanwhile please enquire for details according to your interests.

Niko Skorpio
Original artworks, cinematic works, audio recording media, publications, music releases, photographic negatives and prints, graphic prints; available as physical originals and high-quality digital files.

Music/sound projects – recordings, artworks, photographs, lyrics, designs…
Niko Skorpio / Hæretici 7o74 / Metaorganism / TH€€€F / RØUG / Karni Mata / Kaaos in Eccentris / Rajapïnta / Reptiljan / A\H / Cold Once Turning Dust / This Empty Flow / Kadotus609 / Thergothon …..

Record labels and publishing
PARAFERAL / Some Place Else / Demonosound

Hammer of Damnation fanzine (1990-1996), including unpublished material;
Commissioned art & design projects for numerous clients (1993-2018);
illustrations for books, music album covers, posters, graphic art, sketches etc.