The primary areas of PARAFERAL research include consciousness, the posthuman condition and frontiers of sensory experience as well as any interconnections thereof.

PARAFERAL may also investigate everyday events from a deconstructive angle, with the aim to reveal, question and dismantle power structures inhibitive to creativity and oppressive to the individual. 

Artistic research allows, encourages and requires taking personal involvement in the subject matter. Unrestricted by objectivity — which is never absolute — the artist may freely immerse oneself in the process. A subjective, immersive approach enables one to obtain information otherwise unavailable.

The creative process involves diverse levels of experience: physical, emotional, intellectual and beyond. Thus the works of art themselves aim to communicate something on all these levels.


PARAFERAL employ digital and analog devices, the latest high tech as well as obsolete systems resurrected and modified for new purpose, not forgetting tools that have been in use for a hundred thousand years. Hardware, software, wetware, moist media, paranormal vapours… Coding, sketching, printing, painting, smudging, hacking, breaking, fixing, to take it apart and put back together in random order.

PARAFERAL utilize chance as a core element in the creative process in order to transcend possible limitations and predictability set by rational, organised factors.

PARAFERAL aim to develop tools, techniques and knowledge required for proper realisation of each project.

Some of the developed tools may become products if deemed beneficial for creative use outside of the laboratory.


The research and development process eventually crystallises into various kinds of ‘end products’ – objects, events, environments; virtual and concrete. The works may take many different forms and variations, dependent on their inherent nature and their individual needs.

In the age of instant gratification, constant availability and infinite replicability, PARAFERAL favor qualities like uniqueness and rarity, ambiguity and complexity, alienation and obscurity — essentially for their inherent value.

PARAFERAL productions include unique pieces of art and limited editions of physical and digital objects as well as live audio/visual performances and installations of temporary nature in concrete and virtual spaces.

Still, some things remain outside of commerce, and some things happen for their own reasons only.