New: The Unfolding – Themes & Variations by Niko Skorpio

Niko Skorpio – The Unfolding – Themes & Variations – CD

The Unfolding – Themes & Variations, the new album by Niko Skorpio is released on PARAFERAL Sound. Containing five tracks with total duration of 71 minutes, it presents the first new music by Skorpio under their own name in six years.

The official release date is set for the Winter Solstice, however the download is available already and is FREE for all until Dec 24!

CD version will be released in late January, preorders for the regular digipack are now welcome. Also a very limited ‘Research Edition’ is being prepared and available for preorder.

With this release PARAFERAL aim to begin steady line of new music products, art prints and other publications planned for the new decade. Your continued support will help make it all happen. Thank you!

Niko Skorpio – The Unfolding – Themes & Variations – Special Research Edition CD + Booklet

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  1. […] A new sound release The Unfolding (Emergent/20210717) by Niko Skorpio is out now! Released by PARAFERAL Sound, it is available as free download and an artisanal CDR+art print set from PARAFERAL Shop and Niko Skorpio’s Bandcamp page. We also offer a bundle that includes the previous, related album The Unfolding – Themes & Variations.  […]

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